How to draw

you’re gonna need three tools :  a pencil , an eraser  and piece of paper

My style is all about using basic shapes to draw people, I like to keep it simple and easy.

Here are some of my  drawings

Black widow,Lana del Ray
Start out with a half of a triangle and connect a semi circle to top and bottom
Close of the eye with a tear duct, a small semi circle connected to your eye
Draw a line for mouth
Add a v to that Lin and repeat on other side of v


Melanie Martinez ,katana,Merida,Wonder Woman and gamora
Old drawings
Draw a semi circle and at one end draw a line connecting to semi circle , repeat on other side
Bubbles reference picture
Turn page to draw eye
Draw semi circles inside the eye, first do two to define how large the eyeball is .
Add semi circle and shade in lightly
Use little strokes of you’re pencil to create eyebrows, make a c in the center of her face for a nose
Relax on rules a little, sometimes the outcome is better when you just relax

English writing assignment  3/30/16


Summer sun

English paper for RPC

Summer is my favorite season ,summer usually accentuates fun and freedom to do whatever you want . For example , I’d like to learn a lot of new words to better articulate what i feel when i write or speak but I’m currently too busy with doing more important learning . Then most of the time , i finish doing more important learning and i become hostile to learning in my free time .

I also love to swim and hang out with people , in the summer is the easiest to plan something with friends. My favorite thing is just being outside and feeling the warm overwhelm my entire body plus summertime is the most casual time .

And there’s summer camp which you meet the most interesting people and  leave all your problems behind,  i always aspire to be better at swimming every year. You get to do the fun activities like riding horses , singing songs and making crafts  .

I love the weather , i live in Oklahoma so its either super hot or hot with a breeze. I think it will be extra hot this year since it didn’t snow, i will always remember the one year when it felt was like the town was on fire. It was the hottest summer i have felt and we were always inside because it was so hot outside.                                                                       And everyone in that little town was at the pool and getting snow cones , so there was always a long line at the snow cone place and the pool was filled with people.

I like walking my dogs in summer because i get out of the stuffy house , one time i was walking my dog , Winston and i found 5 dollars on the curb , i ran home with him . I was try not to have him drag me down the street , when we got home i was panting very hard and i flopped down on the couch.

This summer , we will probably do history lessons and ill be going to summer camp and I’m looking forward to swimming , hanging my head out of the car window and having lots of little adventures !



The story of my life (literally)

This is a writing assignment for Ron Paul curriculum, if you couldn’t tell from the title this the short version of the story of my life.

I was born on a cold snowing day in Maryland on January 29th, every birthday i hear my mom talk about when i was born.                                                                                             When i was born i wasn’t breathing and the doctors pushed this button and a bunch of doctors came rushing in apparently they were all foreigners and were all from different places.

And obviously i ended up fine since i am here writing to all of you guys, now we’re going to fast forward to when I’m four years old.

My siblings and i were always really close, most of my memories when i was younger were with them like when we lined up all our stuffed animals on the stairs in our house in Houston.

I learned to swim in that house and I have many fond memories of that home but my parents got divorced.

I think at that time I didn’t  understand what was happening, I told people when I was older and everyone told me ” I’m so sorry” but I never saw it as a thing to be sad about.

My Mom and Dad argued And were very unhappy together , now they both are happier and I don’t see that as something to cry about.

At that time it was sad , I was losing everything I knew , my home , my friends , my parents.

We moved in with my mom and my now stepdad in Oklahoma , I was totally blind to what was going on. My siblings and I argued less and became closer in this unexpected sad event.

We grew up faster than normal kids because tragedy can help form maturity and knowledge that you aren’t the most important thing in the world.

I wouldn’t ever change my parents divorce , it help form who I am today.

My dad after awhile also moved to Oklahoma and we went back and forth from my mom and dads house.

In second grade I was being homeschooled for the first time , my parents had homeschooled my oldest brother before .

All the memories in the couple years there are a blur, expect for one night .

My dad had this lady come over  at the time I didn’t know in a couple months she’d be my stepmom, she was nice but I still don’t know her at all.

We went on a vacation with her and it seems like only four weeks later , that her and my dad would get married.

I wasn’t there at the wedding so I can tell you much about it, before they got married we had seen her two or three times.

Fast forward to 2015 we now live with our mom and no longer go back and forth, think about moving to a new place and half  of the time you can’t hang out with anyone.

My dads house only ever had family over , so the feeling was always like ” don’t bring friends over” .

Sometimes that home just had negative energy and every day was the same , wake up eat cereal, do school , eat leftovers for lunch , wait till dinner , eat dinner and go to bed.

I don’t ever think that’s what my dad was trying to do and  he does love me but I couldn’t live in that home anymore.

I am happy and having social life and being homeschooled , I wouldn’t ever change anything that ever happened to me because someone is going through worse and can’t escape their issues.

The adventures of summer

The  Audrey Spencer


This is an essay about my adventures at summer convention camp,hope you enjoy!

 My mom, sister and I started putting bags into the car and we started decorating our car with window paint . 

   After our car was all decked out in blue , red, white and yellow we got in the car. My sister sat up at the front and I had all the backseat to myself. 

I was prepared to spend several hours in the car, we had been on very lengthy car rides before so I was used to spending 6 or more hours in the car. It was maybe 2 or three days after returning from DC we left to Indiana to go to the convention.

Not much exciting news to tell about when we were in the car , I spent most of the time laying down sleeping with my red blanket.
We did get lost once when it was 10:30 at night , maybe it was even later I can’t exactly recall what  time it was . 

The bridge we were supposed to drive over closed, so we spent a couple of hours trying to figure out our gps and getting lost.

Now this was a big deal, they have this convention every year but girls only get to come every 5 years, next time I get to go I’ll be 16 or so.

After several bathroom stops and naps in the back , we got to the Indiana rest stop  and I took a photo of the Indiana sign  and posted it to Instagram .

We were finally in Indiana and I was chewing gum that I bought from the rest stop a little before then.

At this point I was sick of the car, we got to the hotel and I was ready to pass out on the hotel lobby.

We got to the event , it was being held at a school campus and their was a lot of girls there but not a lot from Oklahoma .

 I learned a  dance to their theme song “upside down” for the event  and my sister learned the sign language for the song.

I  got lost on the first day and it was kinda hard to navagiate the campus but I got to my group adventually .

At lunch I hung out with some girls from a Texas troop, we sang song from musicals. 

I became friends with a girl from Minnesota and after class we hung out until her parents came to get her. 

There was a lot people there, so everywhere was busy and packed which was kinda stressful.

I got my face painted by older girls and later that day I got to meet the founder of my all girls scouting troop.

Then we went to the auditorium and heard Jamie grace , she played a song about being a homeschooled and it was hilarious.

After we listened to a couple more songs from her and another singer, we got some of her CDs and even got them signed by her.

 But she didn’t have enough time to take pictures or talk since she had to leave to preform some place else, so it was a very quick signing. 

And that’s just a couple highlights from our trip .

Stay ODD-ISH ❤